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Well that was wishful thinking! Not because the covid epidemic would take long to end, in terms of a fatal epidemic (which is what counts) the epidemic was largely over by the end of June. Any reasonable person, seeing that Sweden had got back to normal with about 6000 deaths, would have worked out that the best estimate is that the UK could get back to normal with about 40,000 deaths, and therefore, there were not more than a few thousands deaths to go in the UK. Moreover, with the average age of death very similar to the normal average age of death, it was clear coronavirus was predominantly affecting those in their last stages of life and whilst every death is a tragedy, those covid was killing, if not killed by covid, were more than likely to die very soon of something else.

The supposed "second wave" (more like a ripple) was clearly going to be a relatively minor health issue, especially as the NHS had been effectively closed down during the epidemic and it was time to get back to treating patients where the NHS could make a real difference.

However, group-think has prevailed. The insane predictions of hundreds of thousands dead continue to be the basis of the insane government response.